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MNA raises the game for AES67 at 141st Convention

MNA raises the game for AES67 at 141st Convention

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 30 November 2016. The Media Networking Alliance (MNA) continued its work in heightening awareness and promoting uptake of the high-performance AES67 AoIP interoperability standard, among key industry professionals, at the recent 141st AES Convention in Los Angeles; the second year in succession the alliance has participated in the convention.

The alliance’s presence and activities at this year’s convention marked the continuing growing importance of “the AES” as a location for MNA member convergence and education. This year the increased number of member companies exhibiting on the show floor was allied with a predominance of AES67 themed Networked Audio Sessions within the AES Technical Program. Developments that reflect the growing support for AoIP standardization and interoperability based on open standards, and AES67 in particular.

The MNA’s booth afforded a central information point, displaying booth details for the 11 exhibiting member companies – Archwave, Cymatic Audio, Focusrite, Lawo, DirectOut, Genelec, Merging Technologies, Riedel Communications, Shure, Solid State Logic, and Yamaha – including AES67 interoperability demonstrations by Archwave, DirectOut, Merging Technologies and Focusrite. Also being shown was a video overview of AES67 by MNA member AoIP networking specialists Will Hoult and Andreas Hildebrand.

A bridging compliance mode, common to all IP-Networks and operating over standard layer 3 Ethernet networks, AES67 enables the common interchange of digital media between different AoIP networking platforms. Running on modern commodity IT network infrastructure and switches, AES67 is routable and fully scalable, and can operate in parallel with existing network services.

A comprehensive range of practical issues and questions surrounding the implementation of AES67 were addressed in over half of the Networked Audio Sessions, in the AES Technical Program. Six AES67 themed sessions were presented by MNA members. Subjects included Rolling out AES67 into Real-World Applications, AES and the Audio Industry, AES67 Discovery, AES67 Interoperability Testing — The Plugfest Report and AES70 as a Companion Control Protocol to AES67 Audio Transport.

In a development related to the last of these, the OCA Alliance, which promotes the AES70 open network control and monitoring standard, demonstrated an integrated technology platform on its booth, utilizing AES67 for audio transport, and AES70 (OCA) for discovery, connection management and device control. The platform was jointly developed by Archwave and Bosch Communications, member companies of both the OCA Alliance and the MNA.

Summarizing, Martin Barbour, co-chair of the MNA Marketing Working Group, says, “AES67 is gaining increasing traction with manufacturers of network audio devices, for all types of live event, fixed installation and broadcast applications, and the AES Convention has become a major event for convergence, collaboration and education among MNA members; something reflected strongly in the increasing number of Technical Sessions and members company exhibitors.

“The activities of our members are key in educating the industry at large as to the benefits of and implementation of AES67, as we share the knowledge, research and experience, that drives the uptake of the standard. Through everyone’s hard work and dedication, AES67 has acquired prominence in the movement toward AoIP standardization and interoperability, based on common open standards.”


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About Media Networking Alliance
The Media Networking Alliance is a non-profit organization formed to actively promote the adoption of the AES67 audio networking interoperability standard. Currently comprising 30 member companies, the MNA includes a range of professional audio equipment manufacturers, as well as public broadcast corporations. The MNA provides a forum and environment whereby the members of the organisation may meet to review standards development and compliance programmes and to foster the development of new products based on the AES67 standard. This open standard is promoted by the MNA through a range of education and training initiatives, as well as through public demonstrations of audio networking interoperability. Developer support is provided by the MNA to ensure that members’ products are compliant with the AES67 standard and achieve reliable interoperability with products from other manufacturers. Recent demonstrations have successfully connected together more than 20 pro audio devices from over a dozen different manufacturers.

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