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MNA rises in the east: new Chinese member companies join the alliance



 13 June 2016

MNA rises in the east: new Chinese member companies join the alliance


Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA. The Media Networking Alliance (MNA) – the professional AV industry alliance established to promote awareness and uptake of AES67 – has announced the membership of two major Chinese audio technology companies.

3G Audio and Ningbo Soundking Electronics & Sound Company are the first mainland China based companies to join the MNA through the offices of Sam Zhao, newly appointed MNA Representative, Greater China. System Application Engineer, Greater China with QSC Asia, Sam is graduate in Electronic Engineering of the Beijing Broadcasting Institute. He has focused on developing applications of AV networking technologies from the earliest days of CobraNet, including as Chief of Technology Training Section at the Technology Management Center, at China Radio International. He has written extensive technical papers in China on the subject.

In the past 15 years Sam has trained more than 6000 people in the field of DSP and network transmission solutions throughout Greater China, and has worked on a number of high level network application projects for airports, theme parks and convention centers. He joined QSC in 2013, relocating to Hong Kong. The MNA appointed Sam in May this year as its representative in Greater China, to promote AES67 development in the region.

“China is the biggest PRO-AV market after the USA, and the global leader for PRO-AV production, with companies servicing both local and international markets,” he states. “However, there is a major challenge with intercommunication and compatibility between different networking protocol and the various technical issues. AES67 helps to solve these issues. Already the MNA organization is helping many manufacturing companies and system-integrators to enhance their networking solutions, even as a brand new technical standard in China.”


3G Audio was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Dongguan City in Guangdong province. The company has sales offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, focusing on professional sound engineering, system design, technical services and product sales. A major speaker and PA systems manufacturer, the company has international distributors, including in Europe and the US. The subject of AoIP is of keen interest to the company in its future product development plans. According to CTO Ammon Ren, AES67 has a significant role to play in that, “The thing that excites us and, clearly, a lot of rest of the audio industry about AES67, is that it is pragmatic.”

Soundking Electronics & Sound Co, based in Ningbo south of Shanghai, is among the largest musical equipment and professional audio manufacturers in China, having been in the industry for 28 years. The company was a leading supplier to the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and owns a number of leading professional audio brands in Europe. In a statement, the company said, “At present the interconnection problem of loudspeaker and network interface is one of the key innovative technologies in the audio industry, it is also a problem requiring a solution that is a unified future standard for the audio industry. We have joined the MNA to help make that technological innovation reality, whereby we can effectively communicate with all members participate in seminars, promote international exchanges and expand the market, and also to further improve the level of technology skills and management for our company.”


Sam Zhao, newly appointed MNA Representative, Greater China

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About the Media Networking Alliance (MNA)

The MNA is a not-for-profit corporation with membership available to all manufacturers, organizations, companies and individuals who are interested in the objectives and purposes of the alliance.

The MNA’s objectives are:


  • to promote the adoption and standardization of AES67 as an audio interoperability standard through marketing and education.


  • to develop future AES67 specifications and other documents that augment, enhance or extend the primary AES67 specification for the purposes of enabling and promoting increased interoperability and reliability.
  • to provide developer support for AES67 products, and actively support those members producing AES67 compliant products, including, but not limited to, AES67 System Development Kit and AES67 Test Tools.
  • to provide a forum and environment in which members of the alliance can meet to review standards development and compliance programs, and to foster the development of new products based on the AES67 standard.
  • to educate the business and end-user communities about the value, benefits and applications for AES67.
  • establish and maintain relationships with educational institutions and other technology associations and organizations that help to promote the use and development of AES67 products.

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