February 7, 2017

Symetrix joins MNA: company is promoting AES67 enabled products at ISE

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 8 February 2017. Symetrix, a leading manufacturer of installed audio DSP systems, for professional AV installation and system integration, has announced its membership of the Media Networking Alliance (MNA).

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February 1, 2017

ARG Quarra Switches Selected for Media Networking Alliance Interop Demos

1 February 2017, Cirencester, UK: ARG, designer and manufacturer of quality secure network tools and critical data transmission switches for the audio market, has announced its Quarra PTP Smart Switches have been selected for the Media Networking Alliance (MNA) series of forthcoming interop demos to be held at ISE in Amsterdam in February plus NAB, INFOCOM, IBC and AES in New York later this year. ARG’s technology will interconnect equipment from more than 12 other vendors using four Audio-over-IP protocols: RAVENNA, Dante, Livewire+ and QSC.

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January 31, 2017

13 MNA member companies promoting AES67 at ISE

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 30 January 2017. A total of 13 Media Networking Alliance (MNA) member companies are exhibiting at ISE 2017, promoting product that supports AES67. The AV industry alliance of manufacturers and end-users, promoting awareness and adoption of the high-performance AES67 AoIP interoperability open standard, is supporting its members at ISE and sponsoring a program of technical presentations during the show.

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January 10, 2017

The MNA promotes experience and expertise at ISE

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 10 January 2017. The Media Networking Alliance (MNA), the AV industry alliance of manufacturers and end-users, promoting awareness and adoption of the high-performance AES67 AoIP interoperability open standard, is participating extensively in ISE 2017, sponsoring a series of AES67 technical sessions throughout the duration of the show.

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December 19, 2016

QSC announces Q-SYS platform software release to support AES67

Networked audio interoperability standard will allow audio distribution between Q-SYS and other systems supporting AES67 without additional hardware

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 19 December 2016. MNA member company QSC, LLC has announced that it will incorporate support for AES67 in its Q-SYS™ Platform with the forthcoming Q-SYS Designer v5.3 software release.

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December 12, 2016

ALC NetworX Releases RAVENNA-2-SAP Converter Tool

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 12 December 2016. As the AES67 interoperability standard continues to gain traction, so the need for tools to facilitate interoperability increases. ALC NetworX, developers of the RAVENNA audio networking technology, is therefore pleased to announce the release of RAV2SAP, a useful RAVENNA-to-SAP freeware conversion tool designed to help connect RAVENNA devices to other AES67 devices.

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November 30, 2016

MNA raises the game for AES67 at 141st Convention

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 30 November 2016. The Media Networking Alliance (MNA) continued its work in heightening awareness and promoting uptake of the high-performance AES67 AoIP interoperability standard, among key industry professionals, at the recent 141st AES Convention in Los Angeles; the second year in succession the alliance has participated in the convention.

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October 20, 2016

Multiple new networking interfaces from Calrec

Calrec used IBC to debut four networking interfaces, including an AES67/Ravenna interface, an AVB interface and a modular I/O Dante card (pictured) that also has AES67 compatibility. In addition, Calrec also showcased a SMPTE 2022-6 video interface.

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October 19, 2016

Ravenna-to-SAP freeware conversion tool to connect Ravenna devices to AES67 devices

MUNICH—In response to the growth of the AES67 interoperability standard, ALC NetworkX has developed the RAV2SAP, a Ravenna-to-SAP freeware conversion tool designed to connect Ravenna devices to AES67 devices.

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September 26, 2016

Media Networking Alliance appoints co-chairs of Marketing Working Group

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 26 September 2016. The Media Networking Alliance (MNA) – the professional industry alliance established to promote awareness and uptake of the high-performance AES67 audio interoperability standard has announced the appointment of two new co-chairs of its Marketing Working Group.

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September 10, 2016

Stagebox demos SMPTE 2059 timing and AES67 audio capability as part of IP interoperability zone at IBC

Stagebox will showcase its SMPTE 2059 timing and AES67 audio capability at IBC as part of the IP Interoperability Zone (Hall 8, Stand D10).As one of the first products available to combine high quality video transport with an IEEE1588 timing capability, Stagebox now includes an SMPTE2059 mode, the standard adopted by the video broadcast market to replace analogue genlock and provide accurate studio timing over IP infrastructure.

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August 30, 2016

Media Networking Alliance promotes AES67 at IBC 2016

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 31 August 2016. The Media Networking Alliance (MNA) – the professional industry alliance established to promote awareness and uptake of the high-performance AES67 audio interoperability standard—will be conducting live AES67 demonstrations at IBC 2016, September 8–12, at RAI Amsterdam, in hall 8, booth C94 (8.C94).

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August 29, 2016

AES Show: The Future of Network Audio

The upcoming AES Show in Los Angeles Sept. 29, Oct—2, will devote a track to a series of presentations and panels to “Networked Audio.” Many of these will be of interest to radio professionals as IP digital networks have become so important to the industry.

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August 29, 2016

IBC Preview 1: From Aaton Digital to NETIA

29 August 2016

Strap in for details on some of the companies showcasing their wares in Amsterdam from 9-13 September…


December 17, 2015

SVG Summit: DTV Audio Group Talks Objects, IP

Picking up near where it left off during its conclave at the AES Show in October, the DTV Audio Group’s Audio Production and Distribution Workshop on Dec. 14 during the SVG Summit continued a conversation on object-based audio and the workflows around IP transport of audio. – See more at: Full Article

December 15, 2015

Alliance for IP Media Solutions Launched to Promote Open Standards and Interoperability in IP for Broadcasters

BOTHELL, WA, December 14, 2015 — A group of broadcast and media industry suppliers including Grass Valley, Imagine Communications, Lawo, Snell Advanced Media and Nevion have collaborated to form the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS). This new, independent trade association’s mandate is to bring IP solutions to market that offer complete interoperability, are based on open standards, and integrate seamlessly into media workflow environments to foster industry innovation and efficiency. The group’s efforts will be focused on promoting the adoption, standardization, development and refinement of open protocols for media over IP, with an initial emphasis on VSF TR-03 and TR-04, SMPTE 2022-6 and AES67.

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December 11, 2015

AES67 comes of age


Will Hoult, Kevin Gross, Media Networking Alliance, 139th AES Convention

In the two-plus years since the AES67 standard was ratified and published, there has been extensive industry debate surrounding the potential of this interoperability standard to help audio over IP (AoIP) achieve its full potential. With the unveiling of a 22-device demo at AES in New York last month, there is no doubt that this discussion has now transformed into something rather more tangible.

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December 9, 2015

Riedel Products at ISE 2016

“At ISE 2016, we will be showcasing our newest products: MicroN, Tango, and Smartpanel. While MicroN can be used in multiple ways to overcome most any signal transport challenge, Tango and Smartpanel combine to make a cost-efficient, highly scalable communications solution that is full-featured and can work on AVB and AES67 networks. We will also be talking about some recently completed A/V projects including Anthem of the Seas and Raiffeisen Bank’s Dialogue+ event.”
— Jens Miedek, Director Sales at Riedel Communications

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November 25, 2015

RH Consulting begins rolling AES67 plug fest

Independent consultancy RH Consulting is embarking on a rolling plug fest for AES67 – testing different manufacturers’ AES67-compatible equipment over the coming weeks to see how the interoperability standard works in practice. Installation has teamed up with RH Consulting to bring your their reports: here’s the first one. 

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November 24, 2015

AES67: Two More Ships Set A Course For Interoperability

Two weeks ago in this space, I posted “AES67: Are Two Ships Passing In The Night?,” an interview with Aidan Williams, CTO of Audinate, regarding AES67 and the ramifications of having four separate system discovery options as part of the audio-over-IP standard.

The underlying issue, according to Williams, is that having different system discovery options can lead to problems for end users of AES67-enabled equipment because they expect it to be essentially plug-and-play.

As I wrote at the time:

Understand, Williams and Audinate have settled on one of the four discovery options specified in AES67 and would like to see the whole industry do the same. Other vendors selecting other discovery options undoubtedly would like to see the industry support their selections.

Not surprisingly, I have begun to receive other points of view on the topic. Today, I present the thoughts of Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager at digital media technology at ALC NetworX, and Kevin Gross, founder of AVA Networks, on system discovery and AES67.

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October 27, 2015

MNA presents live AES67 demonstration at AES

Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA. The Media Networking Alliance (MNA) – the professional AV industry alliance established to promote awareness and uptake of AES67 – is exhibiting at the forthcoming 139th AES International Convention in New York. A major attraction on the alliance’s booth will be a live demonstration of audio networking interoperability, featuring 22 currently available networked-audio devices, from different manufacturers employing various audio network platforms. AES67-specific extensions to the different network platforms provide for the common interchange of digital audio between them. In the instance of the demo, digital audio signals will be interoperable between devices employing Dante, Livewire, Q-LAN and RAVENNA. A total of 22 devices, from ALC NetworX, Archwave AG, Axia Audio, Digigram, DirectOut, Focusrite, Genelec, Lawo, Merging Technologies, QSC, Solid State Logic, Telos Systems Inc. and Yamaha, are connected to a simple network with a single Ethernet switch. Speaking for the MNA, Technical Working Group Chairman, Kevin Gross said: “Although pairs of manufacturers have independently verified interoperability and large-scale multi-manufacturer testing was done a year ago at the PlugFest in Munich, this will be the first significant public demonstration of AES67 interoperability. It’s powerful to see AES67 fulfilling its promise making network audio connections between devices and protocols that were formerly incompatible.” … continues Full Article

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October 27, 2015

MNA appoints its Board; SSL joins the alliance

The Media Networking Alliance (MNA) – the professional AV industry alliance established to promote awareness and uptake of AES67 – has appointed members to its Board. At the same time, international leading pro-audio manufacturer Solid State Logic has joined the alliance. Announcing the appointments to its Board, the MNA confirmed the appointment of Rich Zwiebel, Vice President, Systems Strategy, QSC Audio Products LLC as Chairman, and Terry Holton, General Manager, Yamaha R&D Centre as Vice Chairman. Marty Sacks Vice President of Sales, Support and Marketing, The Telos Alliance is appointed as Financial Officer, and Bill Scott, Vice President of Engineering and Technology at Bosch Communications Systems, and Andreas Hilmer, Director Marketing & Communications at Lawo, are also appointed as members of the Board … continues Full Article

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October 27, 2015

SDI vs. IP: Fox’s Thomas Edwards on VSF TR-03

LOS ANGELES—A technology-driven migration is taking place in the television engineering community, from baseband SDI-based equipment to IP-based and sometimes virtual technology. The discussion on the virtues and drawbacks of each continue. Last week, the Video Services Forum published a draft Technical Recommendation for “Transport of Uncompressed Elementary Stream Media over IP.” (See “VSF Publishes Draft Technical Rec. for Studio Video-over-IP.”)

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October 26, 2015

AES Delves Into IP Audio, OTT

NEW YORK—Television broadcasting has gone through numerous significant changes since the first station went on-air more than 80 years ago, but nothing may prove to have such an impact on the medium as IP technology.

At the upcoming 139th AES International Convention, Oct. 29-Nov. 1 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, a variety of panel discussions, tutorials and workshops will address the future of broadcast at this crucial point in its progress. The Broadcast and Streaming Media Track, once again chaired by David Bialik, will address a variety of IP-related issues, going to the heart of the matter and asking: “What is a broadcaster?” “Do you have to have a transmitter to be a broadcaster?” and perhaps the most provocative question, “Consider that next year, one company claims they will be the largest broadcaster in the world, and that company is Netflix.”


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December 23, 2014

With Adoption of AES67 Standard, Riedel Moves Closer to Goal of Offering Standards-Agnostic Solutions

WUPPERTAL, Germany — Dec. 23, 2014 — In its commitment to offer flexible, highly interoperable products and solutions, Riedel Communications today announced its support for the AES67 standard and the RAVENNA technology framework. Capable of operating in existing network infrastructures, RAVENNA enables real-time IP distribution of audio and other media content, with the low latency, full signal transparency, and high reliability critical in broadcast and professional audio applications. read more….

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December 1, 2014

AES sponsors first AES67 ‘Plugfest’

AES ‘Plugfest’ proves AES67 interoperability Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA. The AES, in cooperation with the European Broadcast Union (EBU), recently held a ‘Plugfest’ with equipment from 10 manufacturers, to demonstrate functional compatibility – or interoperability – between a number of different implementations of the AES67-2013 standard. AES Plugfest – December 2014

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October 26, 2014

AES hosts launch of Media Networking Alliance supporting AES67: panel presentation and inaugural membership meeting during convention

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October 2, 2014

Media Networking Alliance formed to support AES67

AES hosts launch of Media Networking Alliance supporting AES67: Media Networking Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA. The forthcoming 137th AES Convention will host the launch of the newly formed Media Networking Alliance (MNA). The alliance, comprising leading industry proponents, adopters, developers and suppliers of media networking technologies, will present a panel session during AES Los Angeles 2014
Networked Audio Track Event N7, on Friday October 10 at 4:00 pm, followed by its inaugural membership meeting at 5:00 pm. MNA formation – October 2014

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April 26, 2014

Telos Alliance’s Shay says AES67 is safe

Patent claims from other companies shouldn’t dim enthusiasm for audio networking 26 April 2014, Cleveland, OH USA read more….

January 24, 2014

AES67-2013 Looks at Audio Over IP

AES67-2013 Looks at Audio Over IP – TV Technology
Audio system design is an ever-evolving process


October 2, 2013

AES Throws New Audio Networking Standard Into the Ring

Transporting digital audio over a network might turn out to be the biggest tectonic shift since audio went from analog to digital. The change will certainly happen much faster. The switchover to digital took nearly two decades to become ubiquitous in music recording, broadcasting and live sound, which was positively glacial in the scheme of today’s technological chronology. read more…..