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ARG Quarra Switches Selected for Media Networking Alliance Interop Demos

1 February 2017, Cirencester, UK:  ARG, designer and manufacturer of quality secure network tools and critical data transmission switches for the audio market, has announced its Quarra PTP Smart Switches have been selected for the Media Networking Alliance (MNA) series of forthcoming interop demos to be held at ISE in Amsterdam in February plus NAB, INFOCOM, IBC and AES in New York later this year.  ARG’s technology will interconnect equipment from more than 12 other vendors using four Audio-over-IP protocols: RAVENNA, Dante, Livewire+ and QSC.


“The objective of the Interop demonstrations is to test and show audio networking across different protocols, in order to provide end users with the confidence and flexibility to work with different vendors’ equipment,” explains Neil MacTaggart, commercial director, A.R.G ElectroDesign Ltd.  “To put it simply, broadcasters and audio studios need to move signals locally between microphone, mixing desk to speakers, or from one location to another over mixed media IP networks.  However, if the signal paths use different protocols that do not all work or synchronise together, audible artefacts due to variable timing and latency will be apparent.


“Because we can hear sub-millisecond differences in audio timing, latency and accurate sync are even greater issues when it comes to audio signals, than they are with video,” confirms MacTaggart.  “This is where ARG’s Quarra PTP Smart switches come in: they guarantee the most accurate sync and minimum latency.


“This is achieved by supporting PTP synchronization across AES67 networks to nanosecond accuracy,” continues MacTaggart.  “Our Quarra switches provide a direct path for PTP timing data which bypasses data queues that would otherwise delay sync packets; which require the highest priority despite high network activity.  In this way, we can distribute hundreds of accurately timed audio channels.  Our PTP Smart switches have been described as the Audio-over-IP equivalent to the independent distribution of audio system clocks employed in all professional audio and broadcast systems.”


For more than 40 years, ARG has been at the forefront of broadcast and telecommunications equipment design and manufacturing.  ARG’s Quarra PTP Smart Switches have been developed over five-six years in the company’s R&D and testing facility in Cirencester, UK.  Broadcasters across the globe now trust ARG for secure, accurate and timely distribution.  With applications for defence, finance, IT and manufacturing sectors, ARG’s latest IP products continue the Company’s tradition of performance and reliability.  ARG’s clients include Mix Bus, Freiburg University and Krone Hit.



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About ARG:

ARG switches embrace the technologies Broadcasters require as the evolution to fully managed live contribution over IP networks gathers pace.  Whether using the public internet or mixed media IP networks ARG has the ability to provide solutions for precise timing required for remote production of both Audio and Video workflows in Live Contribution and using simple web based GUI to enable rapid deployment of complex scenarios. For further details visit:



About the Media Networking Alliance:

The Media Networking Alliance is a non-profit organization formed to actively promote the adoption of the AES67 audio networking interoperability standard. Currently comprising 30 member companies, the MNA includes a range of professional audio equipment manufacturers, as well as public broadcast corporations. The MNA provides a forum and environment whereby the members of the organization may meet to review standards development and compliance programmes and to foster the development of new products based on the AES67 standard. This open standard is promoted by the MNA through a range of education and training initiatives, as well as through public demonstrations of audio networking interoperability. Developer support is provided by the MNA to ensure that members’ products are compliant with the AES67 standard and achieve reliable interoperability with products from other manufacturers. Recent demonstrations have successfully connected together more than 20 pro audio devices from over a dozen different manufacturers.




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